Brand New Traditions

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#Design as disruption

Brand New Traditions is a campaign for multiculturalism.

London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Ever since I came here, I felt welcomed and part of this diverse environment. I believe that we can all coexist while preserving our cultural identities.


The New Year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh mindset. My main idea behind “Brand New Traditions” was to create a campaign that celebrates cultural diversity and encourages people to learn and engage in foreign cultures. From 2020 I want people to change their perspective and be more respectful to one another.


To create the campaign I mixed the Chinese New Year’s traditions with the Greek ones and I used English language because it unites us. Moreover, I utilised shanzhai techniques to create the campaign.


Shanzhai refers to the Chinese copycat culture. Shanzhai products can range from fashion items and electronic products to art pieces and movies. Copying is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. Specifically, they believe that imitation is the first step of learning . On the other hand, the culture of imitation is widely disapproved in the Western World. It is believed that copying blocks the creative process. From my personal point of view, imitation can be inspiration and is part of the creative process. Being creative means that you research and take inspiration from everything and everyone. I find shanzhai products fascinating because at the same time can be unsettling, innovative and critical. 

Shanzhai products use and manipulate symbols that are widely known. In the same manner I used the most famous symbols of Chinese and Greek New Year’s traditions. For the campaign I wanted to use bright, vibrant colours in order to wish a happy New Year.


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'Who says Chinese lack creativity?' L. Scheen