During a summer course at Central Saint Martins, I was asked to create a chair for a person who is close to me. I chose my younger sister, Evgenia. Evgenia is a very fun, loving and out going person. I was inspired by her cheerful personality and I wanted to created an interactive chair. As a result, I designed a rocking chair. Firslty, I created the metal base. I used the method of electro-welding. Then, I had to create the seat. One of my hobbies is knitting and crochet. I was inspired by crochet and created a free hand pattern. I used silicone wire for the pattern because it is flexible enough and it gives a unique sense of movement when seated. After a lot of tests I found the perfect density of the pattern in odrer to be strong enough for an adult person to seat. Moreover, Evgenia loves bold colours. This is the reason why I chose to use black and red, which is a unique and strong combination. This is a 1:3 scale model. The dimensions of the model are: W. 20cm X H. 43cm X D. 33cm.


product design

model making