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Group project: Christina Kahrimani, Konstadina Bakali, Elpida Spyridi, Natalia Triantafylli

Gastra is a lemon squeezer which enables the user to utilise it in all the phases of cooking and serving a meal. The user can utilise it in two different ways: Either collect the juice first and then pour it or pour it directly to the plate or the pot. ‘Gastra’ is a Greek traditional food preparation concave utensil commonly made by firing materials like ceramic, iron or cast iron since it was placed on fire. The design and aesthetics of the product aim to espouse and highlight the Mediterranean style. As a result, we used wood, metal and porcelain. In addition, we designed a pattern to decorate the pocelain rings. Gastra’ s dimensions are: W. 5cm X H. 16cm.

Gastra was part of the exhibition ‘BEAWARE OF GREEKS’ at the Benaki Museum and at the European Parliament. (2017)

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