Making Ourselves Eternal

“The end is the beginning, the beginning is the end

& we are all just fragments of a dream”

Philip Elliott, Dark. Netflix series

#A Meditation on A Black Square

Group Project: Raya Van Der Kroon, Elpida Spyridi , Yuru Huan

Making Ourselves Eternal is a project about infinity. Specifically we tried to make ourselves infinite. We used personal and cultural objects as representations of our identities. By eternalising these objects through kaleidoscopic techniques we made these figurative objects abstract and ourselves eternal.

Raya, Yuru and I came to London with a suitcase filled with valuable items that shape our identity. This is what unify and distinguish us at the same time. Raya came from the Netherlands, Yuru from China and I from Greece. We decided to use three objects each: one piece of clothing, one piece of jewellery and one object. In the video we are describing these objects and what they mean to us in our own language. 



video editing