Sweet Microdose

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mi·​cro·​dose | \ ˈmī-krō-ˌdōs  \

Medical Definition of microdose

: an extremely small dose

‘Psychedelics are to the study of the mind what the microscope is to biology and the telescope is to astronomy.’ 

Dr. S. Grof


Lily Vanilli

Moschino AW20


Group Project: Solène Arth, Tea Di Giacomo,  Laura Küng, Elpida Spyridi

Lily Vanilli is one of the best artisan bakers in London. She is very innovative and always wants to keep up with the current trends. Microdosing is a controversial new trend that we believe can be a mainstream future one. In our opinion, Lily Vanilli can be one of the first pioneers to embrace this movement. Thus, we created a limited edition cupcake series that are infused with a microdose of three drug substances for Lily Vanilli’s brand. To showcase our idea we created a 1 minute instagram video called ‘Sweet Microdose’.


The idea of microdosing comes from James Fadiman in the early 60’s. In 2011 he published a book called “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys” that talks about the positive effects of microdosing. Then we researched the drugs that are used in microdosing. The most common ones are LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, cannabis and ayahuasca. We chose to use drugs that originate from nature because Lily would not use anything artificial. Then we examined the effects of psilocybin mushrooms, cannabis and ayahuasca. Mushrooms make users more productive and aware. Moreover, they increase empathy and they can help treat various kind of addictions. Cannabis, with the psychoactive substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is believed to make users more relaxed, happy and creative. Also, many argue that it helps with pain

management. Lastly, ayahuasca, which is an Amazonian plant mixture that has the psychoactive substance DMT, makes users more open, aware and relaxed.

The scientific data for microdosing are not enough to conclude if it has actual positive effects. Many believe that the drug substance is so small that the positive effects are an outcome of the placebo effect. It is a field that requires more scientific research. At the present time, the Imperial College London is collaborating with Beckley Foundation and they are currently studying the effects of psychedelic microdosing. The study results will be published in 2021.


trend forecasting

set design


video editing

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After the video I decided to extend the project by designing the branding identity of Lily Vanilli' s new 'Sweet Microdose' limited edition cupcakes series. I wanted to create a fresh, playful, vibrant design. 


graphic design