The Insomniac


Insomnia is a disorder of the initiation or the maintenance of sleep.

...or both!

*Sleep disruption can have multiple causes. Many people report sleep disruption when they sleep in unfamiliar environments, or when they feel anxious about something important.

**The National Institute of Health estimates that roughly 30 percent of the general population complains of sleep disruption.


Douglas Coupland

Special Thanks to my amazing and super talented friends: Antzel Sofia, Bakali Konstantina, Gaki Emily, Gerakidi Ioanna, Kellis George, Kostoglou Klairi, Triantafylli Natalia

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After a long day of working and writing my university submission I am

exhausted. It is 11 pm. I take a hot bath, wear my pyjamas and go to bed. I scroll my instagram feed and reply to the last messages. I am drained. I put my phone on airplane mode and turn off the lights. I close my eyes and try to fall asleep. I then realise that this is one of those days, one of those nights that I cannot rest my mind. Suddenly, I feel wide awake. I start to overthink everything. I am thinking about my submission, what I haven’t done, what I could have done differently, if it is good enough. This is how it starts. Then my mind wanders to mysterious and entangled directions. 


When I am stressed I suffer from insomnia. The days that the only thing I need the most is a good sleep, my mind is restless. I hate it when it happens. But on the other hand, these times my greatest ideas arise. It is that time of the day that I feel most connected to my inner self. What a love and hate relationship with my insomnia. I have come to believe that these sleepless nights might be essential and crucial for our wellbeing. Maybe it is our body’s way of telling us that we need more time to wind down. We need more time to process the plethora of information. We need more time alone with our thoughts and feelings. Moreover, insomnia gives us the chance to experience the magical and mystical world of

night-time.  People who stay up late at night can experience the complete quietness and tranquillity of the nocturnal hours. Sometimes I think that insomnia may be a blessing in disguise. 


I am not the only now who suffers from insomnia. There is a whole generation that has lost the ability to empty their minds. We are the Millennials, the tired ones, the burnout generation … the insomniac generation. 

I got inspired by my sleepless nights and wanted to create a record of this sleepless state. I asked my creative insomniac friends to document their

insomnias and explore the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are being awakened during night-time. I gathered collages, scripts, photographs,

artefacts and created this journal. Each one of the artists talks about a different aspect of insomnia and uses a unique and very personal language to express themselves. This journal deconstructs insomnia through every artist’s perspective.


The goal of this journal is to stimulate conversation about insomnia. It is a journal that studies insomnia holistically and artistically. It’ s purpose is to evoke feelings. 


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