“I feel like this question is saying

can you still be a feminist when your camera is aiming at your ass?

If so, my answer is yes.”

Juno Calypso





Pablo Picasso

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I love the colour pink and our conflicted relationship with it.

People feel weird about the colour pink.

It can be seen as innocent and juvenile, but also

embarrassing and sexual”

Juno Calypso

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Transparent Beauty is a project that explores, questions and critiques the beauty industry in a playful and humorous way. It aims to inspire people to think and challenge the future of the beauty industry.

For the visual language that I used in ‘Transparent Beauty’ I was deeply inspired by internet culture. Internet culture is the culture that has emerged from our online life. Internet culture has it’ s own visual language to help us communicate, create and live online. Memes, selfies, emojis, instagram filters, stickers, gifs, low tech graphics and videos are the contemporary digital art. Contemporary digital art is not hollow and embodies our cultural values, ideas and logic. It is our response to the modern world. As Alexandra Hine has written: ‘Contemporary digital art glorifies the amateur, validates the unglamorous and mocks the self serious, formulaic and mainstream.’ Moreover, contemporary internet art has been categorised as neo dadaism. Dada was a response to modern age, capitalism, World War I and the degradation of art. Dadaist artists rejected their reality, logic and emerged themselves in anti- art. Today’s artists, in the same manner as Dadaist artists did, challenge our society’s obscurity while using humour and favouring chaos and nonsense. I was inspired by today’s digital art. I was intrigued by the use of humour and nonsense to raise a point; the use of a plethora of elements that they do not specifically make sense together but they manage to tell a story. My goal was to create not sophisticated, simplistic, chaotic but yet impactful visuals. Some of the questions that I want to raise through my project are:

Can we find beauty in ugliness?

Can we find meaning and purpose in chaos?

Can chaos tell a story?

Can internet culture be considered art?

Who can be called an artist?

Moreover, I experimented with selfies. I believe that selfies can be considered art. Selfies originate from painters who wanted to capture their figure. Painters such as Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Egon Schiele, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Diego Velasquez and Rembrandt van Rijn. Many of them painted their self portraits multiple times. Painters not only wanted to capture their figure but also to explore their emotions and themselves; to promote themselves and also to find a way to being remembered beyond their time. Selfies today are used for similar reasons. They are widely used and it is believed that over 1 million selfies are now taken every single day. Kim Kardashian West is the queen of selfies and she even launched an entire fashion campaign using only selfies of herself. Many modern artists use selfies to express themselves in intriguing new ways. Juno Calypso, who is an English photographer, photographs her alter ego Joyce to showcase a hidden aspect of her personality.  Overall, selfies are a big part of our culture and they can be used in a captivating and meaningful way. For my project specifically I used selfies to showcase that beauty is being proud and not scared,… is about showing off,... and ultimately is about being whoever you want. In a world that dictates women what to be and how to behave I believe that we must redefine what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Some of the questions that I want to raise through my project are:

What qualities does a work of art have?

Can we consider selfies works of art?

Do selfies empower us?

Can selfies make us more confident?

What is the modern definition of femininity?

Lastly, it is a project that was created while in quarantine. It aims to make people feel better, more beautiful, to spark joy and to encourage them to have fun. Beauty is all about having fun and forgetting a little bit about our everyday difficulties. We all need colours and playfulness in our lives!

Specifically, I created the following tarot cards.


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There were more deaths relating to selfies in 2015 than there

were shark attack deaths.